Team Training

Since a successful implant practice depends on involvement of the entire office our October session provides an opportunity for your team members to be certified as ICOI Dental Implant Assistants. The goals for this session include integrating implant surgery into your existing practice and providing staff with the skills and knowledge necessary to assist in placing implants. Together, teams will attend live surgeries and attend lectures on case presentation, office organization, and implant maintenance. In special break out sessions, team members will learn how to set up and maintain equipment and surgical operatories, surgically assist for implant placement, bone and tissue grafting, and fabricate models and guides specific to implant placement.


All lectures and laboratory sessions are in our state of the art facility located just minutes from RDU airport. In addition to implants we are universally recognized for our amazing chef!

Mentored Surgery Experience

We find that clinicians present with varied personalities and surgical backgrounds that dictate the degree of live surgical experience they find useful. We will provide the patients and a trained surgical assistant to mentor your assistant for implant placement, bone grafting, and tissue grafting. You will have the opportunity to follow up these patients post-operatively and review and consult with the faculty relative to improving your technique. The testing of your skills followed by immediate evaluation and feedback has been proven as the best learning strategy. If you prefer, you can bring one of your own patients and arrange for them to pay the fee. For our course participants we charge 70% of our normal case fee to cover the overhead and implant costs allowing you to dial in the right amount of surgical experience for your needs.

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